Everyone is talking about craft vermouth being the next big drinking trend.
And so we are excited to showcase some exclusive vermouths we have
acquired from our good friends at Cult Wine. Join Jules van Costello of
Cult Wine and Te Aro Wine as we taste Channing Daughters’ vermouth
Channing Daughters is a fantastic winery on Long Island, New York, who
has also created quite a buzz around their experimental vermouths. Using
hand harvest botanicals from around their estate, they create vermouths
that have the feeling of “walking through the seasons.” Inspired by the
produce of spring, summer, and autumn, each vermouth contains 40
different botanicals, everything from basil and blueberries, to watermelon
and pumpkins! We will also have an exclusive preview of Te Aro Wine’s first
vermouth to try as well.

TICKETS $45.00
Contact Ryan on manager@lesamourai.co.nz to reserve your space.